Providing Rental Homes to Homeless & Disabled Veterans

The RACE to End Veteran Homelessness at the Historic Virginia International Raceway

7Deus is featured on a GT4 Race car to create awareness and support for Homeless Veterans in America. The GT4 will tour America racing in support of our program and we hope that you will also help us support our Veterans nationwide. We are excited to be on this ride to end homelessness for homeless and disabled veterans.

GT4 RaceCar

7Deus featured on GT4 RaceCar at Sonoma Raceway - GT4 America








GT4 RaceCar

7Deus featured on GT4 RaceCar at Sonoma Raceway - GT4 America


Veterans are suffering
in the heart of
America for homes

Our program will give us the means to help thousands of veterans facing evictions and homelessness. In addition, we have credit building programs, as well as job opportunities to help our disable and/or homeless veterans manager their money. Our country is better fit to face the economic issues by way of making sure than the service men and women that protect our country is protected by their people.

7DEUS is a 501(c)3 Non-profit

Here at 7DEUS, we wanted to be about more than just giving back or paying it forward. We didn’t just want to help the community, but rather be a core fabric of the community. We wanted to create a place of advanced learning that would make a lasting impact on the lives in the communities that we serve and that serve us.

People With A PASSION

Volunteer Program Advocacy

A nonprofit is as strong as the community that holds it up. Together, we can do more than we can do alone. Let's bring our abilities and passions together to affect real change in the future of a veteran's life today

There are many ways to join us and support our mission. Contact us to find out more about volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, and ways that you can get our message to your friends and family.

There is a strong need and commitment to provide financial programs and tools necessary to help veterans and their families to develop strong financial literacy and rent assistance.

7DEUS is a leader in providing well needed assistance directly to the Veterans.

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions for all veterans we serve in every community. Your generous donation will fund our mission and enable us to continue to pay it forward for generations to come.