Veteran Foreclosure Relief Program

We offer the only real solution to help Veterans keep their homes.

Our Corporate Partners Help Us Save Homes

Credit Accelerator Pro is a program that help individuals build, fix and manage their credit file. The program teaches financial literacy as well as, help individuals increase their financial well being. Together we work directly with them to help low-income individuals and/or at-risk and under privilege children and adults accomplish financial goals.
Our Partner is a private equity investment firm that help save equity in homes of individuals at risk of losing their property to a foreclosure sale or auction. Unlike other companies that aim to buy your property at auction, and relieve you of hard earned equity, our Partner will help save your equity in your home.


Upon Completion of our 12-18 month program:

Veteran Foreclosure Relief Program

  • Will Not Loose Home
  • No Foreclosure on Credit
  • Improved Credit Scores (40 to 100 points)
  • Completely Debt Free
  • Fresh Start in 12 months vs 7 years
  • Job Placement program from those suffering from Job loss
  • Save Equity in Home
  • With your support we are able to offer a real solution for veterans facing foreclosure. We will be a part of getting America back on track and taking a reasonable approach to keep millions of Veterans from becoming homeless. At the same time, we have an approach that will ensure that every vet in our program will graduate in a better situation.
    Fact is, we have a bigger responsibility in order to get our country back on track. For those that have the ability to help others should most definitely donate to this program because we are dealing with real veterans in real situations and we offer real solutions. There is no better feeling than knowing that you are a part of saving a veteran families home. The look in a child's face is priceless. Donate today and help us put America back on track.

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