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May 7, 2014
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February 4, 2021
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7Deus Announces Program for Children Higher Learning!

With home learning the big thing right now.  7 Deus challenge companies to come together and help provide under privileged children with necessary tools to learn.  There is a distinct learning disadvantage for those children without the necessary resources to learn.

In the realm of the pandemic we need to stay focused on the needs of our children.  At 7 Deus, the main thing is providing tools our children need.  Our goal is to develop Advanced Learning Centers with safety first in mind. 
We can’t allow the pandemic to slow the learning curve for our children. In the time of great depression is when we coming together to develop greatness and persevere.

Our commitment to the children

With schools being under funded and shutdown due to pandemic; it’s most important that we help them curve the disability to function as usual.  In the past we have always faced these challenges and now more than ever we are expected to help provide the resources needed to further learning.

We promise to stay committed to the children of our communities and bridge this learning gap to develop a system for higher learning.  Companies have provided tablets, apps and programs that help the need.  We are challenging other companies to step up and help us bridge this gap together and provide a stable learning environment more so than ever.

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