How donating in real estate projects help the cause and serve the communities?
May 6, 2014
7Deus Announces Program for Children Higher Learning!
May 8, 2014
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Developing Advanced Learning Centers across America

Developing centers all over America is one of the challenges that we at 7 Deus need your support accomplishing. We have volunteers that have donated thousands of hours to help children across the United States achieve higher learning success.

We have developed relationships with multiple centers across America to provide a healthier higher learning environment for students with economic challenges.
It’s imperative that we provide locations that will help children advance learning. We are willing to do whatever it takes one facility at a time to help our children grow.

Community Involvement

Many communities in several states are stepping up resources and volunteers at these locations to provide a healthy and safe learning center.  It’s literally impossible to accomplish these goals without the communities involvement. We are proud to have so many great volunteers that are willing to go to extreme measures to help our children.

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