Developing Advanced Learning Centers across America
May 7, 2014
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How donating in real estate projects help the cause and serve the communities?

Our program allows donations to help develop real estate property to develop advanced learning centers in communities of special need. Because of these donations we are able to open up facility and cover major expenses to operate and maintain the learning centers.

We have plans for our advanced learning centers to have the very best in technology to push higher learning with tools necessary for the children to learn what it takes to succeed. 
We need laptops, TV’s, apps and many other necessary inventory to provide the most challenging and learning capacity for our children based on the technology and tools need to enter the workforce today.

How tablets changed the ability to learn

When your company donate laptops and tablets, you are providing tools that none of these children could afford without your support. Could you imagine working in today’s environment without either of these from home?  There are millions of children at home that do not have these tools. We help the schools get these items by way of your support and donations.

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